A secure solution

Our proven security and safeguard strategies preserve your data and its integrity so you never have to worry about it. In addition, these strategies ensure our software and service are available 99.5% of the time over the course of each calendar month, giving you unparalleled security and access to your data.

We also provide:

  • Information security – All servers are protected by virus detection and inoculation systems and software. Virus definition files are checked, and if needed, updated once an hour to ensure all data is free of malicious code.
  • Data backups and redundancy – Your data is mirrored to a warm standby database server in real-time so that we can route traffic to the redundant database server without loss of data. Backups to the data are twofold: Transactional logs are backed up every three hours between 4am and midnight, with full backups completed every Thursday night. The backups are done to disk in a remote site to ensure the highest level of security at every point.
  • Server load balancing – Our servers are part of server farms, meaning that we can flip to another server in the farm without loss of data. Storage to the file servers can also be expanded without incurring downtime.
  • Monitoring – All servers are automatically monitored for storage, memory, CPU, uptime, connectivity and performance.